Igloo Food Fights

It’s where we renew our creative energy. It’s where we sharpen our craft while we sharpen our knives.

8 Jun

We penguins aren’t afraid of a little friendly competition. Especially if that competition is happening in the kitchen. Especially if it means we get to eat when it’s all over.

So we started a food fight.
A bunch of them, actually.

These food fights are much more civil than the cafeteria brouhahas involving canned peas, cole slaw, and mystery meat, but a small dose of pride—in the form of bragging rights—is still involved.

Unlike a normal food fight, ours revolves around the cooking of food, not the throwing of it. The setup is the same for each fight: We pick a theme, we pick a friendly foe based on that theme, and we invite the community to judge who does the better job making that theme come alive. Below is a gallery of the throwdown's we've had thus far.

Battle: Lobster Roll 


Battle: Cubano


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