Best Things Come in 2wo’s

A coming together of 2 design firms – family style in an alley.

8 Jun

Caramel is delicious. Sprinkle on a little flaky sea salt, however, and it is a revelation. Peanut butter needs a little grape jelly or chocolate to be at its best, and a glass of milk is far less interesting without a cookie or three hanging around.



The best things in life come in twos: gin and tonic, Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire, Ham and Swiss, Bert and Ernie, Mac and Cheese.

Often, these two things are good individually, but great together. Combining them becomes an act of completion, where the two complement each other so well that they almost cease to be considered apart from one another from that moment on. Consider salt and pepper in a recipe. 

We reflected upon this when we decided to merge two exceptional branding companies into one under the Plaid Penguin name. It inspired our celebration of this game-changing milestone, a casual Italian feast with a symbolic theme: “The Best Things Come in Twos.” Our friends, family, and clients joined us at a dinner table outside the legendary Common Market in Charlotte’s South End to help us toast the joining of 3pm Creative Group and The Plaid Penguin.

The only way to enjoy this particular meal was family-style, of course, and the only way to end it was with a classic sweet-and-salty pairing. So we sent everyone home with bites of bacon dipped in chocolate (and maybe a little Kentucky bourbon, for good measure).

Almost four years have past since that October night. We’ve come to complement each other so well, we’ve ceased to be considered apart from one another.


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