Battle: Lobster Roll

At the time, Charlotte didn’t have a Lobster Roll – so JJ’s Red Hots and us created our own.

8 Jun

It’s hard to pick a favorite contest from the ones we’ve held thus far, but the Lobster Roll Food Fight has to be up there. On our collective list of the best sandwiches, the lobster roll easily makes Top Five. (So does the Cuban, a theme for one of our other fights.) We obsess over this New England native, comparing different takes on it—a lobster salad roll is cold with mayo, a lobster roll is hot with butter, and so on—noting when there’s too much mayo, or not enough butter, or a saggy bun that just isn’t up to the task.



This particular fight pitted us against Jon Luther, owner of a locally-based hot dog joint called JJ’s Red Hots, where everything that’s served on or next to the hot dog is made from scratch. We figured he’d have a leg up, since lobster rolls were often made with hot dog buns.


Luther and his team went cold, serving a roll lined with crisp lettuce, stuffed with lobster lightly dressed in mayo and diced celery, and topped with fresh mint. We went hot and little more basic, dressing our lobster in plenty of melted butter and a little fresh chive.

The opinion of our guests that day is that the Plaid Penguin lobster roll barely edged out the JJ’s Red Hots lobster salad roll. We’d eat either of these “lobstah” rolls any day of the week, though.

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