The IDEA Igloo

Our primary creative hub (Idea Igloo) is a destination – a collaborative space for exploring new design styles, discovering new ways to make a margarita, and developing visual stories located in Charlotte, NC.

Our Penguinology

Founded on the belief that the future belongs to the bold and the moment to the nimble, the plaid penguin considers the following principles sacred.

Keep a Relentless Focus on Quality.

Quality people. Quality partners. Quality clients.


Listen to Our Customers.

Service is our highest priority. We listen, we involve and we communicate. We help you clarify your vision and where you want to go.


Remain Technically Savvy.

We love technology. We embrace technology. We know technology.


Treat Our Employees & Partners Well.

We hold our employees and technical partners in high esteem, treating them with the utmost professionalism and respect; keeping them connected and involved.


Keep Things Simple & Consistent.

It is essential to keep things consistent and simple. A smart penguin once said, “Repetition of a message does not break through the clutter, but rather joins it.” 

Food Fights

We penguins aren’t afraid of a little friendly competition. Especially if that competition is happening in the kitchen. Especially if it means we get to eat when it’s all over.



The Igloo Test Kitchen is where we test and refine recipes for clients. It’s where we renew our creative energy. It’s where we sharpen our craft while we sharpen our knives.


Inside the Igloo

A blog format where we showcase our culture, share recipes and stories and stay abreast of emerging design and f&b. 

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Recipe of The Moment

A recent trip to Kentucky has us all gushing over this Classic Kentucky Derby cocktail with a tangy twist.

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Think Small, We're Told It's The New Big.

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