We penguins pride ourselves on our awkward walk and our uniqueness. Some of us even waddle and slide on our bellies when our clients aren’t around. All of us fly in the world of creativity when we are in our rookery, strategizing and creating your vision together. Speed, consistency and thoroughness are the hallmarks of our work.

Our core staff is made up of 10 practicing professionals well-versed in the communication arts, supplemented by talented collaborators (industry practitioners and specialty craftsmen and artists) who bring their skill sets to fill specialty project needs.

brand enhancers, problem-solvers, compelling story-tellers, homegrown chefs, experiential marketers, fearless designers, disruptive idea generators and trusted creative consultants.


Nothing frustrates us more than taking a product off the shelf, furrowing our brows to examine it – and realizing the packaging was the only reason we noticed it in the first place. We’re food experts, but let us loose in a grocery store and we’re six years old again, like everybody else.

Packaging matters. Branding matter. And as the quality of food gets better and better, it’s even more important to help great brands grab eyeballs. So our name – which, we know, is a little out there – is actually a reminder of our calling: simply put, a plaid penguin sticks out on the shelf.

Think Small, We're Told It's The New Big.

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