In today's food & beverage landscape, there's no room for artificial storytelling. Authenticity is no longer a choice. Consumers see right through an inauthentic brand, and they don’t hesitate to tell their Instagram followers about it. The power is in their hands, and a seductive fad can take even the strongest brand off course. To thrive in that world, you need more than a knowledge of longstanding traditions and emerging trends. You need to know who you are, as a brand: where you’ll swim with the current, and where you’ll stand like a rock.

You can’t always anticipate the next big trend. But you can prepare for it; with services ranging from strategy to branding to activation, our agency does it better than anyone else.

We believe in focused research, in-depth knowledge of your business challenges and rapid prototyping rather than ponderous and bulky documentation deliverables. Through strategic planning, design thinking and suited technology we create immersive brand experiences with a clear purpose – to make every day better for its audience.


Our work is designed to help food & beverage

brands in times of growth and transition.

New brands, challenger brands or best in class brands. This usually occurs when organizations create add or change their products, services, leadership, or revisit their marketing approach. We support these directional shifts or initiatives with a mixture of consulting, strategy, branding, marketing, design and activation services. 

Compass Group
Le Creuset
Best in Class Brands

We are agile, flexible support for larger clients who need swift, accurate execution. We bring a rare mix of bold imagination and disciplined pragmatism and can plug in with your existing marketing team. Or we can go beyond execution to help strategize, plan, and retool.

Tum-E Yummies
Pate Dawson
Challenger Brands

Brands looking for the right food and beverage consultant in order to progress. They are the ones who need to be smarter, more nimble and more strategic so they can grab some market share. And they are usually heavily outspent by their competitors. We love that, because the penguins are a challenger brand, too.

Queen Park Social
Noble Food & Pursuits
Start-Up Brands

We're a marketing company that runs on creativity. We've defined and curated concepts from scratch. We’ve helped owners with an eye toward expansion tell their story to potential investors. We’ve enabled established chef brands and food-related consumer brands to position themselves for growth or to better engage their target audience.



We apply our experience and expertise in food and beverage to address urgent and critical business issues.

  • Market Opportunities
  • Concept Development
  • Menu & Recipe Development
  • Architectural & Space Design Collaboration

We build strategies that identify high-value opportunities that connect with food and beverage consumers.

  • Brand Audit
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Consumer Trends & Analytics
  • Industry Insights & Research

The food and beverage industry is part science, part skill and part art. We see branding the same way.

  • Brand Identity Design
  • Brand Positioning, Naming & Messaging
  • Brand Marketing Assets
  • POS, Package & Merchandising Design

We provide everything you need to sell-in brands and educate the entire organization—right down to the store.

  • Website Design & Development
  • Social Media
  • Photography & Styling
  • Video Production

Uniquely crafted marketing efforts that grow as you do. There’s no one recipe for what we’re delivering.

  • Brand Promotions
  • Advertising
  • Public Relations
  • Media Buying

We identify and engage the passions of your consumer and drive them to the table, shelf or brand experience.

  • Experiential Marketing
  • Blogger Outreach & Promotions
  • Community Engagement
  • Promotional Events

Think Small, We're Told It's The New Big.

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