Sure, we can be clever. But we prefer to be smart.

We like being creative, but we like being creative problem solvers even more. In fact, we may enjoy nothing more than helping a client find breakthrough ways of reaching its audience. We know how to shift the buyer’s perspective on an incumbent brand that might be losing some of its relevance. We know how to help new brands quickly gain traction and then earn loyalty over time. Wherever a brand is in its lifecycle, we can identify the right set of activations to support your business objectives.

All of our strategic, design and communications solutions are grounded in three important things: a deep industry knowledge, an unbridled enthusiasm for all things food and drink, and a recognition of the realities of your business.

Let’s take flight.

A few more things about us.


We’re sharpshooters.

Our strategies and creative solutions are incisive. With our focus and expertise, you’ll get the best opportunity to hit the bullseye with your customers.


We do our homework.

We know how to talk to your customers because we know who they are inside and out, from the food-obsessed to the food-conscious. This kind of familiarity accelerates your ability to get results fast.


We’re well-rounded.

We love a good brainstorm session, but we also love a good bar chart. With us, you get creative talent and analytical problem-solving. No need to compromise.


We play nicely.

Penguins are a loyal, collaborative bunch. We think of our client engagements as partnerships and enjoy working with other talented people to build and transform a brand.


We’re serious, not stuffy.

We take the work we do seriously, but not ourselves. Have you ever watched a penguin toboggan?

And yes, we like to eat.


Create demand for your brand.

Our Location.

1101 N. Brevard
Charlotte, NC 28206



We are currently recruiting for:
1. Marketing Manager 
If you want to introduce yourself please reach out:  [email protected]